And for my sylvan company, in lieu
Of Pampinea with her lively peers,
Sate Queen Titania with her pretty crew,
All in their liveries quaint, with elfin gears,
For she was gracious to my childish years,
And made me free of her enchanted round;
Wherefore this dreamy scene she still endears,
And plants her court upon a verdant mound,
Fenced with umbrageous woods and groves profound.
--Thomas Hood, "The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies", 1827

Welcome to Pixies of Eglantine! This brand new poetry e-zine seeks submissions about the world of fairies, elven, pixies, sylphs, and similar magical folk, but with a unique twist: all submissions must mention music somewhere in the poem. Need a little help when it comes to inspiration? Think Rose Fyleman, "The Magic Casement" edited by Alfred Noyes, "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, the German band Stormwitch, and early Styx. I am happy to announce that even though this project blossomed rather early in 2013, I received enough material to launch the first although brief issue. Maybe not brief, but cozy. Cozy like an elf home in an enchanted forest. A huge thank you to those who sent me your poetry. I hope you all enjoy the first issue of Pixies of Eglantine. And don't forget, Pixies of Eglantine is published once a year at Midsummer.

Issue 4 marks the final and last issue of Pixies of Eglantine. All issues to date will remain archived. Thank you to everyone who participated in the four-year run of this poetry e-zine!







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